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The Wayuu community is an indigenous group that lives in the northernmost part of Colombia in  La Guajira region .

This area is mostly a desert and the Wayuu indigenous community is for the most part very poor.

Kanaas found in Wayuu bags signify the day-to-day of the Wayuu life. It is what they know and have always known.

These kanaas were passed down from generation to generation since pre-Hispanic times.

Kanaas allude to animals, symbology and objects present in the daily life of the Wayuu community.

Thanks to the language of kanaas, textile confection for the Wayuu community not only accomplishes a utilitarian role, but becomes a honest manifestation of their understanding of the world.

As kanaas take on geometric shapes, a colorful variety of colors bring the composition of straight lines to life. Usually, kanaas are repeated along a fabric, each repetition amplifying its meaning.