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Bead Frida Bracelet Face


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Frida Kahlo’s 143 paintings, 55 are self-portraits. Her paintings primarily expose the painful aspects of her life, largely bedridden. He expresses the disintegration of his body and the terrible suffering he suffered in works such as La Column rota (1944, Dolores Olmedo Collection, Mexico City), in which he appears with a metal brace and with an open body showing a broken spine in place of the spine.

Her pain in the face of the incapacity of motherhood is reflected in the Henry Ford Hospital (1932, Dolores Olmedo collection), in which a baby and various objects, such as a pelvic bone and a machine, are seen scattered on a hospital bed where she lies. While undergoing an abortion. A few little piquetitos she painted it in 1935, (Dolores Olmedo collection).


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